Camp Calvary


August 19-23 - VBS


8:30am Drop Off - 4pm Pick Up

Early Care & Late Care are an extra fee (7:45am - 5:30pm)

Early Care - $5.00 per child/per day

Late Care - $5.00 per child/per day


Camp is available to children entering JK in September 2019 through to children entering Grade 6 in September 2019.  

Children require:

  • to be potty trained

  • a labeled water bottle

  • sunscreen to be applied prior to coming to camp

  • a hat

  • a signed parental consent & security code for pick up

  • payment in full - including early & late care payments

  • change of clothes

*We can not offer refunds or half weeks as our planning and purchasing happens months in advance.  We have made our rates affordable on purpose, therefore we can not offer any form of discount or subsidy.